Rhythm Church

Pastor Vernell was looking for a site to provide information about the church he was about to launch. He wanted the site to give background about him and his family, statistics of the city of Pensacola, and also ways to connect and partner with the church. We were really excited to do this project since it was another opportunity to reach more people to Jesus. This also was going to be a two part project. The first part was dedicated strictly for the launch of the site. The second part was for the full website which went live when the church officially launched. Because of the church’s name, we wanted the site to have a hip, musical feel. We did this by implementing different patterns at the top of the page, and we also made sure to use bold fonts throughout the site. We wanted to really get the users attention by displaying what the church is about with their motto, as well as underlining important information about the church. We chose to make the launch site one page so it could be easier for the user to navigate and interact with the site.