BE Salt and Light Candle Co

BE Salt and Light Candle Co is a candle business based out of Chesterfield, Virginia. Founded by two sisters, Beth and Elisa (BE), they strive to make handmade products that evoke enjoyment and comfort to your life and environment.

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Project Details

This was our first ecommerce website. Beth and Elisa were looking for a web designer for their newly founded candle business. They wanted the site to be very clean and minimalistic. Part of having a clean site is having high quality photos. Elisa is a photographer, so she was a great help in providing us with high quality product images. All of their products are a part of a collection (Fall, Winter, Bakery, etc.), and they wanted the user to be able to navigate through each collection with ease. We also made their logo and helped out with some of their branding too.

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