Tentmakers LLC

Tentmakers LLC is a home renovation website. The company is based in Richmond, VA. It began not only to provide outstanding remodeling services for their clients, but to provide work for the jobless. Today, it has grown into an exceptional business that provides high quality services in home restoration while putting the needs of its clients first. Tentmakers LLC treats every project with love and pays attention to the smallest details.

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Project Details

Tentmakers was our first major client. The owner was looking for someone to create a website for his home renovation business. We jumped on the opportunity right away and did research on different home renovation companies to get an idea of what the competition looked like. We wanted the site to be unique and stand out. We found a lot of the sites were very wordy and lacked pictures. For Tentmakers site, we wanted to make sure that pictures were the main focal point. We wanted potential customers to see everything that Tentmakers had to offer in home renovation. With its simple and clean design, users are able to see both the interior and exterior of each home renovation. We also designed the Tentmakers logo for them.

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