Vicky G Styling

Vicky G Styling is a personal stylist and style expert in the Hampton Roads area. She helps cultivate the boldness and confidence that’s on the inside of you. Her goal is to transform the way you look and feel about yourself through style.

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Project Details

Victoria was looking for a complete brand renewal. She had a website that she made herself, but she wanted a site that was more professional and manageable. She also wanted direction and guidance in her business. We were able to provide all of that for her. We started by having one on one sessions to get a better understanding of her overall vision. We followed that up with extensive research about the industry, competitors, and the behaviors and preferences of typical customers. From there we were able to put together brand colors and design an attractive and memorable logo that embodied her brand. The next step was to evaluate her social media presence and come up with methods to build her social media following. Lastly, we gathered all of this information to build her website. Since she was a stylist, her website had to be flashy and it had to display her style. The site is filled with her in some of her outfits. We also wanted to make sure her site brought in a constant flow of subscribers. We did this by having a popup window slide up on the homepage. We made sure it wasn’t annoying like most popups, by not letting it take up the whole page.

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