Virtual Secretarial Services

Virtual Secretarial Services, LLC is a small business website that specializes in virtual assisting. They seek to create and promote distinguishable administrative services for businesses, non-profit organizations, and individual customers from a remote location. They also seek to assist in alleviating any time consuming tasks needed to be completed for day to day operations or business so that you will have more time for yourself and family.

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Project Details

We honestly never knew this was a business until we met with our client. This didn’t stop our eagerness to help get her small business going. We did thorough research on the virtual assistant industry so we could get a better understanding of what she wanted. We found a lot of the sites contained a lot information. Because of this, we wanted to make sure we could keep the users attention by adding color and animation. With every scroll or swipe up the page, words appear onto the screen smoothly. Instead of the typical black and white you would find on a lot of sites, we chose to go with purple, white, and green. This gave the site a little pizzazz and made it stand out. Overall, our client was more than pleased and appreciated these little details.

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