Lenore Coaching

Lenore Coaching are career development professionals based out of Richmond, Virginia. Their goal is to help people live Purpose Driven Lives in the work they do. They specialize in resume & cover letter writing, job search strategies, confidence coaching, personal brand development, and interview prep.

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The thing that makes this project stick out, is the word ticker on the homepage. We’re big on using taglines to highlight what it is that your company does. Taglines need to be short, but descriptive. We really loved the tagline that Lenore Coaching gave us: We help you decide, define, and develop purpose in your career. While it was a very powerful tagline, we felt like something was missing in order for it to stand out. This is where the word ticker comes in. We made each word in the ticker gold, and put it on a two second timer. This grabs the users attention and entices them to find out more information about the company.

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